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Press & Reviews

A Chorus Line

I have not seen a performance of this role that is truer to Cassie’s reality. The determination that McKechnie, Cassie and Larger all have to do the work at hand, regardless of any other issue, is what the show is about. The written page, the role and actress seem to be meeting onstage and, in my opinion, Larger is giving a uniquely great performance. Read More.

Calamity Jane

"Emily Larger, is spectacular as Adelaide Adams--the Chicago chanteuse (Broadway World) Read More.

"...Emily Larger shows versatility in the double role of his bartender Jo and the real Adelaide Adams." (Theater Scene)

Elf 2017

Interview with the Springfield News and Sun "Local performer brings home cheer in Elf" Read Here.

Motel Rasdell


Emily Larger nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" while on as an understudy in the role of Jane!

Motel Rasdell wins "Best Musical" and "Best Choreography" (Greg Graham.)


The 39 Steps

New York actress Emily Larger plays the three female roles in the show and she is wonderfully adept at changing each of those with completely different looks and sublime performances. She is no stranger to these women or showing a varied approach to each of them.  Read More.