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Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

[Danny Gardner's] duet with Christine (Larger) “Love is my Legs” was a highlight of the show, and had the audience rolling with laughter. Larger’s performance as Christine Colagate was both solid and full of surprises, including her enormous vocal range, which was showcased beautifully in her solo number “Here I Am”. She was quite convincing as the sweet Soap Queen from Cincinnati. (The Theater Guide)  Read More.

Also a highlight among the company is Emily Larger who portrays Christine Colgate, the "heiress" the guys conspired to swindle. A beautiful voice and a lot of spunk make Ms. Larger a natural in the role. (Broadway World) Read More. 


While these two men are stars, from this vantage point it is Ms. Larger who steals the show.  She is a dirty rotten scoundrel who brings exciting fun to the Engeman stage, a smile, enthusiasm, story line, and delightfulness that is contagious.  … This is her Engeman debut and it is one to remember. (The Observer)

Emily Larger aced the role of Christine Colgate, a seemingly likable, sweet-natured American girl vacationing in the French Rivera, who is more than meets the eye. Ms. Larger rocked the song “Here I am.” Her duet with Freddy (Danny Gardner), “Love is My Legs,” was a standout moment. During this number, Ms. Larger and Mr. Gardner showcased their spot-on comedic timing, stellar acting abilities, and impressive vocal versatility. ( Read More.

While Emily Larger doesn’t appear until toward the end of Act 1 as Christine Colgate, she is immediately convincing as a naive American heiress, and one can’t help feel excited for the character as Larger delivers a fabulous rendition of “Here I Am.” In the second act, Larger has the opportunity to show another side of Christine, which she delivers just as smoothly. ( Read More.


A Chorus Line

I have not seen a performance of this role that is truer to Cassie’s reality. The determination that McKechnie, Cassie and Larger all have to do the work at hand, regardless of any other issue, is what the show is about. The written page, the role and actress seem to be meeting onstage and, in my opinion, Larger is giving a uniquely great performance. Read More.


Calamity Jane

"Emily Larger, is spectacular as Adelaide Adams--the Chicago chanteuse (Broadway World) Read More.

"...Emily Larger shows versatility in the double role of his bartender Jo and the real Adelaide Adams." (Theater Scene)


Elf 2017

Interview with the Springfield News and Sun "Local performer brings home cheer in Elf" Read Here.


Motel Rasdell


Emily Larger nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" while on as an understudy in the role of Jane!

Motel Rasdell wins "Best Musical" and "Best Choreography" (Greg Graham.)



The 39 Steps

New York actress Emily Larger plays the three female roles in the show and she is wonderfully adept at changing each of those with completely different looks and sublime performances. She is no stranger to these women or showing a varied approach to each of them.  Read More.



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