Rehearsal is going like...really well. #

Oh, hey.  I'm Emily.  I'm a grown woman and I went to Harry Potter World with my parents and my nephew.  It was thrilling.  My other passions include holding fluffy dogs, holding babies, and drinking iced coffee year round- sometimes while holding a baby or a dog.  I support the Mets because Citi Field has vegan hot dogs.  People always sit next to me first when they can no longer space out on the subway.  So I assume there's still some Midwest charm about me.  When my brain gets overwhelmed I like to play bananagrams by myself.  I'll go out at night if there's non current music playing and I get to wear a sparkly jumpsuit.  Otherwise, it's likely I'll stay in and make homemade bread.  I enjoy both options equally.  My upstairs neighbors definitely now know the entire score to Wicked and Frozen, and they told me at the mailboxes that I sound very good.  

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